Three Yosuke expressions for pokemoneggs, for the art meme thing I’m doing! Thanks again to him for loading me up with prompts. Art block fever.


ooc; Heh, I’ll probably never even color nor finish this. I lost my drawing mojo along the way. Though I will probably get back to it some other time when I’m not feeling lazy. This is what I’m MOST looking forward to in P4DAN since it does seem like we’ll have dance combos in the game. So there’s inevitably gunna be “dancing partners” from what I gather in some screen shots.

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These two lines shouldn’t make me laugh as much as it does.


yosuke’s hair is still a mystery to me


Persona 4 Manga Vol.9 Illustration
by Shuji Sogabe

Yukiko Amagi for Blaine ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!